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Activities, products, and services that are free to you. Includes how to get things for free that generally cost money.


Is Craigslist Really Free?

A reader recently alerted us to an interesting factoid regarding the online classified service, Craigslist: It’s not entirely free. In case you didn’t know either, here’s a rundown of all that Craiglist charges for (taken from their website): 

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How and Where to Get Free CEUs

Do you work in an industry where you have to have special certification or licensure? Are you required to renew your certification/licensure to be able to continue working in your profession on an annual or biennial basis? Do you also have to figure out how to come up with a required amount of Continuing Education

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librarian as research assistant

How to Hire a Research Assistant – Free of Charge!

Ever have a difficult topic you need researching assistance on? Need an obscure figure or statistic unearthed for a project for work or paper for school? The Web of little help and you keep spinning your wheels? You may need to hire a research assistant. But, there is no need to shell out the mega-bucks that big

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Valentine’s Day Deals that Will Give You Warm Fuzzies

Happy Valentine’s Day to you – dear reader! I hope yours is filled with loads of warm fuzzies. We’re going to send some your way by way of Valentine deals and freebies being offered at various locations. We hope they give you nice feelings: Qdoba They’re giving away a free entree today with the purchase

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Fun Twitter Accounts That Hold Contests and Giveaways

The following was written in 2010, so not all of these companies are conducting giveaways any more.  I’ve been on Twitter for the better part of a year now – and have come across some great business accounts that offer giveaways and contests almost every week. Check ’em out sometime. You may just come away

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Track your credit with Quizzle

Enter your information on this free website Quizzle (which is owned by the same parent company as Quicken Loans) and every six months you’ll receive your credit score and credit report from Experian, which is one of the biggest credit reporting bureaus. Want to check your credit score more often? You can, but you have

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Evite the best way to send invitations

Creating and sending invitations with Evite is a simple 3-step process.  First, you choose a design.  More than 100 designs are available, but you can limit your options by looking at  designs for certain types of parties.  Once you choose a design, you have to enter the details about the party and add a message to

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Be a lifelong learner – for free!

With the age of the internet, there is no limit to the amount of things a person can learn. Just by tapping in a few key words, you can have an answer to any (most any) question your heart desires. It’s truly remarkable. I love to learn about different things, but am not so keen

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Free or cheap events and entertainment

There are plenty of live events that do not require an “arm and a leg” to attend.  They are in each of our communities and are lots of fun.  Check the local newspapers and schools, and enjoy the following: Every high school, as well as many grammar and middle schools, hold sporting events all the

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