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Food and drink can eat up a big portion of your budget. These articles cover advice on how to eat well on a thrifty budget.

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Is Eating Out vs Eating In Cheaper?

I first started thinking about this question several months back when I went to the store to prepare tacos for our family of three. I must’ve spent about $30 total on all the ingredients. “Is eating in really that much cheaper than eating out?” I thought to myself. “I’ll bet I could get all this

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Ever wondered how to make some of the best cookies ever? We’ll I’ve got a great recipe for how to make cookies that will make your own Grandma jealous. I stole this recipe from my own Grandma and modified it so that it makes great cookie dough and the cookies turn out soft (and stay

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Dining deals found on the internet

Many national restaurant chains offer discounts through their web sites.  By signing up at their web sites, you may be able to receive special promotions and coupons. Discounts and coupons for local restaurants can also be found on the Internet.  Just do some searches and you are sure to find some savings. Internet sites like

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How I eat out on the thrift

Before I go any further, it’s estimated that you can save around $1,000 a year by bringing your lunch to work everyday instead of eating out. That said, there are times when you just want a break from the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Here’s a few things I do to save on eating out: Plan ahead. I

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