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We all have financial regrets. These articles cover bad purchases, bad investments, missed investment opportunities, etc.

financial regrets

Biggest money regrets

What’s Your Biggest Financial Regret?

I had just gotten a new job and my car broke down. I felt like I needed to replace it quickly and was running out of options. I knew a fella from the golf course I frequented who worked at a car dealership. I ended up visiting him there – and quickly fell in love

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Don’t Beat Yourself

If you’re a golf fan like me, you may have watched 21-year old Jordan Spieth win the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament last weekend. He became the second youngest winner of the event (behind Tiger Woods) and set many records in the process. His win was a testament to what drive and passion can do to propel oneself to

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My Worst Purchase This Year

For years I’ve been looking for a magical solution to painful and annoying flossing. So when I saw it sitting pretty next to the George Foreman Grill and the Vitamix Turboblend at Costco, I had to have it. “If I get it, I’ll floss every day and won’t get bleeding gums the next time I

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The Most Costly Online Shopping Mistakes

There’s a multitude of reasons to shop online. It’s hard to beat in terms of sheer convenience, and you can find unique items from around the world that go far beyond what you’d see in your local mall. Many online shoppers also are hooked on the great deals, with major retailers offering discount codes and

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My Dumbest Money Mistake

There she was. Sitting all shiny and looking brand new. “What do you think of it Aaron?” asked the salesmen. “Oh – that is sweet.” “Yeah – it certainly is. We just got ‘er in a few days ago and I’m sure it’ll go fast.” “I’m sure..” I uttered – mesmerized. “Should we go and

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