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Articles with advice on setting and achieving financial goals. Includes tools and services to help you track and measure progress.

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6 Tips To Stay On Track With New Years Resolutions

Earlier this week I heard on the radio that 50% of people will have given up on their New Years Resolution in 3 weeks. It’s hard to believe that we start out the fresh New Year with great intentions, but fail to follow through. A lot of times we really need to follow through on some

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Spreadsheeting Your Entire Life

I’ve got an addiction. An addiction that needs to be dealt with and some support group needs to be formed. Here is my addiction…I love utilizing spreadsheets! I do! I love them so much that I spreadsheet everything in my life. There. I did it. I admitted it. Step #1 on my way to recovery. 

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What to Do When You Are Financially Stuck

New Years Resolutions are three weeks in our rear view mirrors and we are starting to realize that our resolutions are slowly becoming unobtainable. Our motivation is waning, and we are beginning to have this hopeless feeling. Like our lives are never going to change. “But we said this year is going to be different!”

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How to Stay Focused On Your Yearly Goals

Ever since I graduated college in 1999, I have set out all my goals from 22 to 85 years old. I met with a financial adviser right out of school, and he said one of the biggest things you can you do to secure your financial future is set goals. Goals from now until when you think you’ll

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Do You Need Debt Help?

When debt gets out of control and causes a consumer financial distress, most consumers don’t want to look for help to get back on the right financial path. As one of the most taboo subjects in our culture according to a survey, the majority of us don’t want to ask anyone for financial help

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