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Articles outlining our experience growing up on a farm and later running our own. How this taught us financial wisdom, and how you can apply it to your life.


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5 Things Growing up on a Farm Taught Me About Finances

In my youth, I had the lucky chance to be raised on a farm in Iowa. Growing up I thought a lot differently and hated going out to do chores, shoveling pig manure, or walking beans. At the time it felt pointless, and I felt like free labor to my dad, Grandpa, and uncle. Without

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What Chicken Farming Teaches Me About Passive Income

As I write this post, D.C. is getting pounded with 30″ of snow, and I’m sure it will have the entire city on lock-down for days! In my neck of the woods (the Midwest), we probably have about 3-5 inches of accumulated snow residing on the ground, and our temps have been varying between -8

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What Harvest Teaches Me About Managing Finances

Last weekend, my family and I took the trip back home to northwest Iowa to help my family with harvest. Dad let me run the combine for two days, and he hauled the corn into town and put it away in the bins for the winter. As I rode up and down the corn rows

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Introducing Backyard Chicken Guide

The Guys have recently launched a new “thrifty” type website devoted to those of you who are interested in OR are currently raising your own backyard chickens. It’s called, Three Thrifty Guys Co-founder, Charlie is heading up the website and shares his experiences of raising chickens with his 3 boys. Also, Laurie (from

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How to Get Started in Farming

Lots of big city folks are looking at alternative ways of living. One way is to completely sell the corporate 9 to 5 job with suburban home, and move the family to rural America (i.e. Iowa) to start your own farm! Sounds like a scene from a movie doesn’t it? A scene where the mom

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Raising Chickens in Your Backyard – Locally Raised?

Have you heard the latest news out of Papillion, NE? In the heart of the Midwest Papillion’s city council has voted down 6-2 that residents aren’t allowed to raise chickens in there backyard! Can you believe that? In the middle of the heartland, local governments are dictating what people can and cannot raise on their

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Farming During the Great Depression

Since we started more than two years ago I’ve done a number of articles on the Great Depression. To name a few, “How people survived the Great Depression“, and “How the Great Depression Changed People.”  All of these are because of the impact my Grandparents have had on my life. My Grandpa is 92

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