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Why Owning a Gym May Be the Best Business Ever

After encountering some health issues, my wife joined a Planet Fitness gym several years ago to help improve her condition. And although I detest going to the gym with almost every fiber in my being, I was encouraged by her

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10 Ways to Save Money on Fixed Expenses

The other day I had an interesting conversation with my eight year old son in the car about debt. He asked me, “Dad, why don’t you and mom have a lot of debt? Why do you think it’s bad?” I

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5 Things You Are Likely Paying Too Much For

I think sometimes I take cutting our monthly bills too far. Just the other day, I ended up back at my old hair stylists chair after I had left her (after 4 years of great service, mind you) for another

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Power of compounding: Reducing expenses in your 20’s

Have you recently graduated from college or still in your 20’s? Did you realize that this age group has the greatest power for compounding? Ya, for every dollar you spend during this time frame you are forgoing extraordinary compounding power.

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