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Articles covering how to reduce expenses. Includes information on hidden fees, negotiating lower rates, and running a more efficient lifestyle.

Expenses & Bills

What to Do in 2013: Establish an Irregular Expenses Account

Over the Christmas break, I’ve been reading “7 Money Rules for Life” by Mary Hunt. It’s a great personal finance book that chronicles Hunt’s own struggles with money and how she eventually set up some “rules” that got her on the road to financial freedom. One of the things I thought was unique is her

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Using Customer Loyalty to Lower Your Bills – Part 1

I don’t know about you – but when I see companies that I use offering special discounts to new customers only – I get a little upset. I realize they need to continually sign-up and be recruiting potential buyers. But what about the loyal base? Aren’t they just as important – if not more –

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Power of compounding: Reducing expenses in your 20’s

Have you recently graduated from college or still in your 20’s? Did you realize that this age group has the greatest power for compounding? Ya, for every dollar you spend during this time frame you are forgoing extraordinary compounding power. Many people in their twenties, fresh out of college, are more concerned about getting an

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Cooling and heating tips

Cooling and heating your home is a major expense.  Significant savings can be achieved by actions requiring little or no investment, as well as some major investments.  Noted below are some links on ways to save, while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.  If interested, visit for an easy way to calculate the cost

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Never pay a late fee again

When it comes to money matters, I don’t think there is anything more infuriating than late fees. Ugh! It’s just like throwing money out with the trash. With today’s technology and the internet, there is no reason why you should have to pay another one. Here are some tips to help you avoid them. You

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