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Articles on how to save money on different entertainment options such as cable, music, concerts, and events.



How Netflix Has Changed American’s Finances

I love Netflix, like the next guy. But, I think it’s helped change our personal finance habits – for the worse. But Netflix isn’t the only culprit. Many software companies have turned to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, where customers are required to pay a monthly subscription to “rent” their programs. In the

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YouTube TV Review – A Quick Look at This Cable Alternative

Do you remember that kid who always asked to come over so he or she could play with your stuff? Maybe you were that kid. Hey, no judgment here. Well actually, yes, a little judgement here (moocher). Truth-be-told, I recently realized that I was that kid (a 29 year old version)…with cable tv. I tried

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6 Ways to Save Money on Your Streaming Services

Between catching an episode of Life Below Zero and Heartland, I managed to take a few moments to see how I could save some money on my streaming services this past week. After cutting the cord a few years ago, the Mrs and I have Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix (and I subscribed to the PGA Tour LIVE

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How to Get Free Books, CDs and DVDs Through Swapping

I recently picked up a few audiobooks from the library along with a book called, Retiring Well on a Poor Man’s Budget. While I’m not retiring any time soon – I thought it would be an interesting read. The book contains over 1,000 ways to stretch your income and “enjoy your golden years”. They list

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Spotify Review – Free Music at Your Command

A Gary Allan song was the last straw. The song itself was great (Airplanes if you’re wondering), but the $1.29 I had to pay for it irked me more than parting with 129 cents probably should. But it led me to try out some other options for playing music on my computer, because paying for

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How to Save Money By Using Your Local Library

In 2005, when we moved to our small subdivision, we decided to visit our local library to check out a few books. At checkout with our books in hand, we told the librarian we needed to get a library card, and that we were new to the area. Here is how our conversation went. 

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Concert Tickets Make Great Gifts!

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the one that you love, you should consider purchasing tickets for a concert that they would enjoy.  Attending a live concert is one of those experiences that create memories that last for a lifetime, as everyone always remembers the first time they saw a favorite artist

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Tips to Get That Little Bit Extra Out of Your Gaming Budget

In a tough economy its always harder to stretch your budget and make every cent go a little bit further, and with most of the focus of your money going onto necessities its really great to be able to use some easy tips to stretch your gaming budget that little bit further and still stick

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Into the Wild – A Glimpse into Extreme Minimalism

Have you ever seen the movie, “Into the Wild”? I first saw this movie in 2007, and was blown away by Christopher McCandless abandonment of societal things. Possessions that tied him down, which he was willing to give up like no one else. I was captivated by this, because I’d never seen anyone willing to

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