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Employer benefits can include anything from basic health insurance,  disability, vacation/PTO, to shopping discounts. These articles provide advice on how to best utilize and take advantage of these benefits.

employer benefits

7 Ways to Save Money Through Your Employer

This post originally appeared on Three Thrifty Guys in 2010. Thought it was worth republishing again in 2015, in case you missed it. One of your best ally’s in saving more money could be right next door to your cubicle: your employer. While every company is different, a majority of employers offer various perks to

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What Do I Do When My Unemployment Benefits Run Out?

CNN Money recently ran a feature of folks whose unemployment benefits expired – and shared their stories of how they were making ends meet without them. It was very humbling to read what they’ve had to do and how they are managing. Many of us have gone through a period of unemployment ourselves and know

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Do You Use Coupons for Work-related Expenses?

A lot of times for my job, I’ll need to purchase items for various projects using my own credit card. These work-related expenses are typically then reimbursed in the next paycheck. It’s really not a big deal – but it got me to thinking, “shouldn’t you always use coupons and look for the best deal

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Are Coupons Dying?

I think I was surprised as anyone when JCPenney’s announced they were going to a coupon/discount-free based pricing model. In other words, they are doing away with the weekly coupons and just giving the customer the best value. They call it, “everyday low pricing”. Sound familiar? This all leads me to wonder, “are coupons dying

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