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Whether you want to retire at 30, 40, 50, 60, financial planning is required to have an early retirement. These articles cover advice on how to make the early retirement dream a reality.

Early Retirement

Why I Probably Won’t Retire

Now I’m not looking to cause any trouble here with this post. I’ve just been contemplating this one lately. What first got me thinking more about retirement in a new light – was an article in US News & World, entitled, “11 Health Habits that Will Help You Live to 100“. Quite an interesting post

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How You Can Retire a Millionaire

Recently I came upon an interview on KTVI – Fox2News out of St. Louis that caught my eye. It was on “how you can retire a millionaire” even in this economy. To many this is a far off reality, but for many who are diligent, start early, avoid debt, and methodically save then it is

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Interview with Jacob at

Previously you’ve heard me mention about Jacob at (posts: Live like no one else – part 1 and Live like no one else – part 2) and how he became financially independent at 31 and retired extremely early at 33. He is a guy that is constantly challenging the norms of thinking and that is

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Resources for Retiring Early

So you want to retire early? Do you have enough money saved? Have you reduced your expenses? What will it take? For most people it will take a lot of hard work, savings, elimination of debt, residual income, and minimizing expenses. If you are looking at retiring early here are a few blogs and forums I

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