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How to Get Free Books, CDs and DVDs Through Swapping

I recently picked up a few audiobooks from the library along with a book called, Retiring Well on a Poor Man’s Budget. While I’m not retiring any time soon – I thought it would be an interesting read. The book contains over 1,000 ways to stretch your income and “enjoy your golden years”. They list …

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How to Save Money By Using Your Local Library

In 2005, when we moved to our small subdivision, we decided to visit our local library to check out a few books. At checkout with our books in hand, we told the librarian we needed to get a library card, and that we were new to the area. Here is how our conversation went. 

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Where to Find DVDs for Less Money

So, here’s a specific question: Where do you find DVDs for cheap? I’m not a huge movie watcher, but when we have some down-time, it’s fun to watch a show with the family and/or just the misses and I. Sometimes, these movies are real gems. There have been a few over the years that I’ve …

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