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Articles with advice on how to pay off your debt so you can live debt-free.

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Passive Income Streams: Mar 2017 Report

It feels like each month is going by quicker than the last one. March flew by, and primarily due to how much I’ve had to do at work! This past month we did our taxes and came to find out that we owed $2,200. After talking to our great accountant (my mother-in-law), we came to

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Debt free on mountain

Does Debt Freedom Scare You?

Today I applied a pretty big lump sum to my mortgage in my pursuit of freedom from debt. Yep. I got paid out for my vacation from leaving my previous job, and from the money we have made from doing AirBnB. It is really amazing how the Lord has blessed us as we’ve progressed in

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When Does It Makes Sense to Stop Paying Off Debt?

Throughout the last five years our family has aggressively sought to pay off all our debt. Currently all we have left is our home mortgage, and we have hope that the finish line is soon approaching. However, we have to take a pause (or slow down) on our road to financial freedom. You see we

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3 Worthwhile Benefits to Paying Off Debt

This past week I wrote out the final check that would pay off our vehicle in full. I breathed a sigh of relief and felt as though another weight had been lifted. I tried to savor the moment. And although the amount was sizable, it was actually fun writing that check that would buy our

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What Financial Freedom Looks Like

Ask a dozen people what financial freedom looks like, and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. That’s because financial freedom is completely subjective – we each view it in our own personal way. But I’m going to attempt to form a loose definition that will likely apply to the largest number of people.

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How I Paid Off $100k in Debt

The following is an interview with Travis – a fellow personal finance blogger at Enemy of Debt and CareOne. He was kind enough to share his get-out-of-debt story with us as he nears the finish line next month. We hope his story will inspire you and encourage you to (if you have debt) start or

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How Paying off Debt is Like Running a Marathon

I read a great post the other day over at The Broke and Beautiful Life.  I almost blew it off, as the title was “My First NYC Marathon: 2013”.  I spent a year or so as a runner, and although it was a great year of challenging myself, I got bored and burnt out quickly

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What Debt Do I Pay Off First?

Today I would like to spend some time answering a reader. Nicole asks, “which debt should I pay off first?” This is a great question and one many of us struggle with as we start to dig ourselves out of debt and feel overwhelmed at the prospect. 

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Paying Off Debt One Cent at a Time

Our family is in the middle of a journey to rid ourselves of debt.  We started digging our way out of debt in January of this year, and we’ve got a ways to go before we accomplish our goal.  But we’ve already learned some important tips along the way. One of the reasons our family

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