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Articles on how to become debt-free and stay that way.

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financial peace university

Financial Peace University Review

“If finances were all about math, then all mathematicians would be millionaires.” In 2015, I was hit with a realization: The reality that finances are more about behavior modification, then about numbers. It is more about suppressing wants and purging your life of debt (like a disease). When my wife and I entered the class, I had

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Debt free on mountain

Does Debt Freedom Scare You?

Today I applied a pretty big lump sum to my mortgage in my pursuit of freedom from debt. Yep. I got paid out for my vacation from leaving my previous job, and from the money we have made from doing AirBnB. It is really amazing how the Lord has blessed us as we’ve progressed in

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What Financial Freedom Looks Like

Ask a dozen people what financial freedom looks like, and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. That’s because financial freedom is completely subjective – we each view it in our own personal way. But I’m going to attempt to form a loose definition that will likely apply to the largest number of people.

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5 tips to help you stay motivated to get-out-of-debt

One of the hardest things to maintain when you are trying to accomplish your get-out-of-debt goal is staying motivated.  Not only are you trying to buck bad habits of living and spending too much, you need to keep the fire burning inside to see the task to completion. For many, getting out of debt is

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