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Articles on what to do if you have debt collectors contacting you. Know your rights to avoid predatory practices.

debt collection

Should We Just Throw All Unfaithful Debtors in Prison?

Up until the early 1800’s, if you were found guilty of not making good on a debt, you could be thrown into debtor’s prison. Even signer’s of the Declaration of Independence (James Wilson and Robert Morris) were incarcerated for their indebtedness. Today, the practice of throwing people into prison is largely unheard of. However, some

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Debt collection rules and regulations

Believe it or not, that debt collector calling you five times a day, swearing at you and saying you’ve committed some horrible crime by not paying your bills is breaking the law. Even though you haven’t paid a creditor in months and the debt is now in collections, you do have rights when it comes

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