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Dave Ramsey is a prolific author and speaker on managing your finances. These articles cover is books and advice for getting out of debt, planning for the future, and living your best financial life.

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How to Prepare for a Great Depression

=I’m a huge fan of history, and particularly the study of the Great Depression. I love learning from the mistakes of our past to either prepare for the future or avoid making the same mistakes of our ancestors. My grandpa’s life has had a huge impact on my perspective of reviewing history in order to

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How to Make Money Fast

Yesterday when my wife and I came out of laying down our youngest two kids for naps we saw our oldest son (7 years) on the computer. He had been surfing the web. To our dismay it was stuff that no kid should be looking at! He was Googling up, “How to make money fast!” You

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5 tips to help you stay motivated to get-out-of-debt

One of the hardest things to maintain when you are trying to accomplish your get-out-of-debt goal is staying motivated.  Not only are you trying to buck bad habits of living and spending too much, you need to keep the fire burning inside to see the task to completion. For many, getting out of debt is

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Freedom from debt

Are you enslaved? Have you no freedom from debt? Are you in debt up to your eyes balls? Are you living your life like Stanley Johnson? On the way back from our vacation to Oklahoma City, I happened to tune into the last hour of the Dave Ramsey Show. Like always the show is a

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Hope for the deep in-debtor

In June of 2003, I found myself $40,000 in debt and without any steady employment. Broken and at the end of my rope, I was ready for a major financial turn-around. Fast forward five years later, I make my last debt payment to get rid of my school loan and I am finally free of my $40k burden.

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Book Giveaway

Starting today and going through May 4, enter to win a copy of Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey! All you have to do is make a comment on an post and you’ll be entered! (Those of you who have already made comments on our site will automatically be entered into the drawing.) Also, give yourself

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2 helpful books that will motivate you to get out of debt

It’s always helpful to hear other peoples stories about how they have gone from “rags to riches”. We think to ourselves, “if they can do it, so can I!” Here’s a couple of books I have found helpful and whose authors share their own personal struggles with debt. When I was first getting myself out

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