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Even with the best financial intentions, you can end up with a less than stellar credit score. These articles touch on resources and companies that can help you start to repair your credit score.

credit repair

How Can I Build My Credit?

Anyone who is entering the workforce will need to seriously consider the way they handle their money management by being cognizant and intentional about where it is going. Doing so will ensure you’ll never run into issues with transactions such as obtaining a mortgage OR even securing an apartment. While there are a very small

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Interview with Steve Bucci: Debt Adviser,

I recently had a short email interview with Steve Bucci, who is the Debt Adviser at He’s the author of several books, including Credit Repair Kit For Dummies and the co-author of Managing Your Money All-In-One For Dummies. Ok, so a person’s credit score is in the toilet. What are practical next steps this

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