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Managing credit cards and related debt can be tricky. This series of articles compares some of the best available credit cards plus advice on how, when, and why you should (or shouldn’t!) use credit cards.

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How to Use Your Discover Cashback Bonus at

I’m a big fan of Amazon. I admire how they survived the Bubble – and for years endured investors’ constant and belabored inquiries for the retailer to show a profit. Remember that? Today – Amazon seems to be doing quite well for themselves with all the products they sell – including the successful Kindle

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Applying for Your First Credit Card: What to Look Out For

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they decide to make their first credit card application. If you’re at that stage at the moment, there are several things you should know – so take a look at this useful advice. Compare and contrast Applying for a credit card can be slightly daunting, if

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How Can I Build My Credit?

Anyone who is entering the workforce will need to seriously consider the way they handle their money management by being cognizant and intentional about where it is going. Doing so will ensure you’ll never run into issues with transactions such as obtaining a mortgage OR even securing an apartment. While there are a very small

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What is Discover Card’s CreditSafe Plus Insurance?

I’ve had a Discover credit card since 2000 and have always seen this recurring charge on my monthly statements called “CreditSafe Plus Insurance”. It’s not a large amount – but a pesky recurring charge that fluctuates based on my balance that I carry each month (and if you are not a Discover Card owner –

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Frugality and Credit Cards: Mutually Exclusive?

Credit cards are plagued with a negative reputation. The media frequently discusses the harmful aspects of using them. Traditionally that is carrying balances, missing payments and increasing interest rates. However, there are plenty of positive reasons to use credit cards. And with proper usage, credit cards can be a part of your frugal lifestyle. Using

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Will plastic be the new paper?

Just last week, Canada issued a first in currency notes: a plastic $100 bank note. I have to admit – they are pretty cool looking. Check out the Bank of Canada’s video: According to the Bank of Canada, the move to plastic serves several purposes. One (and probably most important) is to combat counterfeit notes.

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Why the credit card companies like reward programs

When I was a kid, I loved to go to Chuck E. Cheese and play their games after eating. I really liked how you could earn tickets for your play that could be redeemed at their “gift shop”. It didn’t matter to me that my parents were essentially spending $10 for a cheap little glow-in-the-dark

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