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Managing credit cards and related debt can be tricky. This series of articles compares some of the best available credit cards plus advice on how, when, and why you should (or shouldn’t!) use credit cards.

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How Much We Earned in Credit Card Rewards Last Year

In 2013, I decided to share with our readers what we earned from using our credit cards sparingly over the course of the year. The total came to about $150. Since that time, we decided to take advantage of these cash rewards a little more because they were fairly lucrative (as far as credit card rewards

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What Need To Know To Pay off Your Credit Cards Faster

If you’re on a journey to become debt free and are dealing with a load of credit card balances, the journey may feel more than a bit overwhelming to you.  Spreading all of your credit cards out in front of you and assessing the different balances, minimum payments and interest rates can easily be a

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Why Credit Card Churning May Be Risky

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by “credit card churning” to get rewards but have been concerned about how it affects credit scores. Alice from offers her perspective on the topic. – Aaron Everyone loves the perks of frequent flier miles- you’re rewarded with a free trip for using your credit card.  But some

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Things to Keep in Mind When You Apply for a Credit Card

If you’ve decided the time has come to get a credit card then you may be wondering where to start. With so many lenders out there, each offering a wide selection of products, it’s best to educate yourself and narrow down your search slightly before making an application. Once you do have a better idea

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How Much Did You Earn in Credit Card Rewards Last Year?

Assuming you use credit cards, that is. I have to admit – we have been cutting back to using them only when necessary and/or on bigger purchases (to get a bigger bang for our “reward”). When we do use them – I quickly pay them off – or at the end of the month. I

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The Best Cash Back Credit Cards of 2013

This is a guest post by Logan Abbott. Logan is the editor of Like usual, it feels like we just blinked and 2012 flew by and now we’re staring right at 2013. If you’re like me, you made some New Year’s resolutions, and you’re looking to get a jump on them early in the

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