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Credit card rewards can be highly lucrative. Opportunities to earn cash back, hotel points, or airline miles can quickly add up. These articles touch on various programs available as well as advice on when (or when not) to go after these rewards.

credit card rewards

Why Credit Card Churning May Be Risky

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by “credit card churning” to get rewards but have been concerned about how it affects credit scores. Alice from offers her perspective on the topic. – Aaron Everyone loves the perks of frequent

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How Can I Build My Credit?

Anyone who is entering the workforce will need to seriously consider the way they handle their money management by being cognizant and intentional about where it is going. Doing so will ensure you’ll never run into issues with transactions such

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What is Discover Card’s CreditSafe Plus Insurance?

I’ve had a Discover credit card since 2000 and have always seen this recurring charge on my monthly statements called “CreditSafe Plus Insurance”. It’s not a large amount – but a pesky recurring charge that fluctuates based on my balance

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Frugality and Credit Cards: Mutually Exclusive?

Credit cards are plagued with a negative reputation. The media frequently discusses the harmful aspects of using them. Traditionally that is carrying balances, missing payments and increasing interest rates. However, there are plenty of positive reasons to use credit cards.

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