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How Small Processes Are Costing You Big Bucks

In 2009, when I was taking over all my dad’s farming operations, he said something very interesting about efficiency. He said, “Everytime you move grain you lose 2-3% of your grain.” Being the prideful guy I am, I immediately tried to prove him wrong. I know I could think of something that would contradict that. …

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What Are the Annual Costs of Pet Ownership?

A little over a year and a half – my wife came to me with a request to purchase a pet rabbit. Having only experience with cats, I knew very little about how to care for one or even what their annual expenses might be. To top it off, my wife wanted the bunny to …

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9 Cost Advantages of Living in a Small Town

In 2008 I moved from the inner city to a small town of just over a couple thousand people. It was quite the change, but after living in a┬ábustling┬ámetropolis for 5 years, the peaceful life offered by a small town was attractive to me. Plus, there were many other advantages to moving there. Here’s a …

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