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Money management for college freshmen

Money Management Tips for College Freshmen

The following article is a guest post from my college freshman brother, Ryan. He provides some great insight into how to manage your money on your own during your college years. When I was ready to start my freshman year

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5 Little-Known College Scholarships

It’s graduation season and we’d like to offer a little assist to the high school graduates out there (as well as returning college students) who are looking to lower their tuition bills. With over $1.4 trillion(?!!) student loan debt out

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3 Ways to Save on Textbooks This School Year

Shopping around for a good deal is textbook money management. But when it comes to actual textbooks, too many students (especially freshmen!!) pay for overpriced books at university bookstores. As I finished college and my wife and I both began

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How and Where to Get Free CEUs

Do you work in an industry where you have to have special certification or licensure? Are you required to renew your certification/licensure to be able to continue working in your profession on an annual or biennial basis? Do you also

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How to Go to College for Free

Let’s face it – the cost to attend college has gotten out of hand. I think it’s utterly criminal the amount of money students are owing after they receive their degree. Something has got to give. Fortunately – due to

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5 Ways to Save Money in College

College was one of the best growing and learning experiences that I’ve had. It was there I first discovered that laundry doesn’t just clean itself, it’s helpful to keep a list of emergency contact numbers in your wallet (in case

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