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Series of articles on how to search, apply, and interview for jobs. We also touch on how to negotiate a better salary, maintain good work relationships, and take full advantage of employee benefits.

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knowing others salaries

Would Knowing Everyone’s Salaries Demotivate You?

There’s been a lot more talk about the “need” to openly share one’s salary with the world. This is particularly coming from the more liberal-leaning folks, suggesting that knowing what others are paid will lead to more equal pay for equal work (among other things). But is it truly the right thing to do? And,

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6 Tips for a Successful Interview

Years ago, I had an interview with a new company after I was looking for new opportunities. I had to brush up on my rusty interviewing skills. I love interviews too. It gives me a good idea of where I am at in the market place (both salary and skill level). Another reason is it

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office space

6 Tips to Save Money After Landing Your First Job

Just landed your first full-time job after college? Even if you’re on a decent salary, you can still end up in debt or with little to show for it. From new clothes to high-tech gadgets, it can be tempting to blow your hard-earned cash. But if you manage your money well and learn how to

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unique summer jobs for teens

10 Unique (and Fun) Summer Jobs for Teens

I was a fairly ambitious teenager. One summer, I wrote a couple nearby golf courses asking for a job. I told ’em that I’d work for free – all they had to do was give me free golf. Sound like a deal huh? I thought so. Fortunately enough, of those 2 letters I sent out, one

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Resignation later

Should You Give an Employer Two Weeks Notice?

Recently I was talking with my nephew about his job working at a cookie manufacturer in the midwest. I asked, “How is your job at Cookie Company Inc?” “Ah yeah, I kind of quit that job. I put in my two-week notice and handed it to my boss and he said yea this isn’t necessary.

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Could My Job Be Done By a Robot?

When the iPhone came out 10 years ago, we marveled at its capabilities and potential. Several years after the release, owners began talking to it and “Siri” would answer (although a little awkwardly). And, today, the tech world is talking about robots and AI (artificial intelligence). Along with that, comes the discussion about the ramifications

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How to Get a Referral Bonus Before Joining a Company

This past September I left working as a contractor for a local small business after 5.5 years. It was a hard decision to leave such a great company and a CEO that valued people. There were a lot of financial and non-financial decisions in choosing to change jobs. Here are a list of things that played

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