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The Process of Selling My Car

This past month I stocked up on greasy hair gel, white strips for my teeth, and ironed my only suit. It was time to sell my used car! I had gone through the process before, but I was extremely lucky. This time around, I had to develop a plan and discipline myself to stick with …

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Try This to Get the Best Deal on Car Repairs

Do you ever feel like you are just emptying your wallet, time and time again? It feels like we are in that season right now. Several months ago we made some major car repairs, next we got notice in the mail that everyone in our neighborhood would be assessed $500 for street repairs (“What are my taxes …

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I’m Now Duct-taping My Car

That’s right. I’m keeping my 2004 Saturn Ion together with duct tape. And, I’m not ashamed to admit it. To be a true Thriftster, you have to use duct tape (or another form of adhesive) to salvage or maintain pieces of your equipment in order to make it last longer than anyone thought humanly possible. …

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