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Do you need a car loan? These articles walk you through the process of obtaining a loan + take a look at tips on how to get a better deal when going through the loan application process.

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When Does It Makes Sense to Stop Paying Off Debt?

Throughout the last five years our family has aggressively sought to pay off all our debt. Currently all we have left is our home mortgage, and we have hope that the finish line is soon approaching. However, we have to take a pause (or slow down) on our road to financial freedom. You see we

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Why Choose a Car Loan?

People that are saving money to purchase a car are usually faced with the question of whether they should purchase a car outright with the money that they have saved or if they should use that money as a down payment for a car loan for a more expensive car. While there are obvious benefits

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What Financiers Look at on a Car Finance Application

For many people, applying for a car finance is a bit of a mystery. Most people just fill out the necessary paperwork and hope for the best without understanding what the financiers are actually looking for. In reality, the approval process for a car finance is not that complicated. Financiers base their decision on just

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