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When starting your own business, there are many tools to make life easier for you and your employees. Check out some of our favorite tools discovered over the years.

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How Can Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Shipment Finance?

So you’ve just opened up a new business making pre-fabricated, small-sized homes and your goal is to ship to customers throughout the world via your online website. How are you going to pay for some of the costs of goods to produce your homes for export? This is obviously a challenge that many entrepreneurs face

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How to Start Your Own Online Store

Out of college, I wanted to illustrate greeting cards for Hallmark (yeah, I’m kinda touchy-feely). While my dream didn’t exactly come to fruition as I had planned, I did end up creating my own greeting card line and had a mini online store. Sales weren’t exactly brisk – but it was fun to have my

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How to use Google Calendar to save you time and money

After a friend coaxed me to switch from Hotmail to Gmail back in 2006 – I soon discovered Google Calendar. And, what a life-changer it was! I’ve mentioned before how I struggle with things slipping my mind. Call it age or brain farts – I just have a penchant for misremembering. G.Cal (what I’ll refer

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