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Budgeting is a critical component of healthy personal finance. Read articles on how to apply budget techniques to different areas of your life.


Debts Loom for Families as Inflation Outstrips Pay Rises

A new report has warned that millions of families across the UK will be forced into debt to pay for essential living expenses, as any wage rises are wiped out by the rising cost of living. The figures from Incomes Data Services (IDS) have revealed that nearly all workers who receive a pay rise do

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Why We Feel So Cash Strapped

I got to thinking about this the other day: “How in the world did my parents survive without cell phones?” Right? I’m sure you have thought of this too. And, I’m old enough to remember when we didn’t have them. I seem to remember that I managed okay. Sure there were those occasions when you

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The benefits of a saving man

In the March 1920 issue of The Rotarian, John Poole wrote an article entitled, “Success! It’s Up to You!”. He writes about the importance of being a “thrifty” man and saving. I thought it would be neat to share a few of his quotes from this article – which are still very appropriate for today’s

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