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Book Reviews

10 Essential Reads to Become Financially Independent and Retire Early

10 essential FIRE reads for 2020

In this article, we cover 10 essential FIRE reads and book summaries for 2020. The ideas that originated the FIRE movement began with the 1992 book Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez and the 2010

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End of Spring Book Giveaway

One of the benefits of having a personal finance site is that often times book publishers and authors gift us with their wonderful finance-related books. The downside to that is we cannot possibly read them all (nor keep em all).

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Bargain Junkie book winners

A big congrats to our Bargain Junkie: Living the Good Life on the Cheap book winners: Sam and Kendall. Each will receive a copy of the book. We appreciate all the comments! Have a great weekend.

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Book Review: Bargain Junkie by Annie Korzen

If you were a regular Seinfeld viewer, you’re probably familiar with the character, Doris Klompus. Doris was portrayed by writer/performer, Annie Korzen, author of Bargain Junkie: Living the Good Life on the Cheap. From reading her book, you get the

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The New Frugality book winners!

Thanks to all who entered and a special thanks to Bloomsbury Press for the books! Here are the five winners from the drawing. We will be contacting you directly for your mailing address: Dionne Shannon Sara Amanda Noelle Have a

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Helping kids manage their money

Recently, Aaron talked on the importance of being a financial example to your kids (7 things I learned from my parents). Along those same lines I came upon the website, Money Savvy Generation, and found this great piggy bank for

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Book recommendation: Be Thrifty

I want to tell you about a book that I recently came across from Workman Publishing called Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less. Editors Pia Catton and Califia Suntree note they have not come onto anything new with

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