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Passive Income Streams: July 2018 Report

Does anyone else feel like the summer is just flying by? If you aren’t intentional about what you are doing with your money, then I find that it goes by even quicker! Over the summer months, I’ve been continuing to focus on my two primary sources of income, which have been the blog and AirBnB. …

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3 Phases to Passive Income Streams

Growing up on the farm I saw first hand every year my grandpa and dad’s passive income stream requiring work in raising 1000 acres of corn and beans. I didn’t realize it at the time. All I realized was that dad would continue to make me work hard. Work hard to help the family! Gosh, …

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Passive Income Streams: May 2017 Report

The summer temps are starting to heat up, and so are my passive income streams! May was a great month to start the summer with our AirBnB business picking up! We had every weekend in May booked, which was one of biggest contributing factors to the increased income. Overall, we were able to generate $1,317 …

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