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Passive Income Streams: August 2018 Report

The summer months seem to be dragging on with the kids out of school. Can I get an AMEN from all the stay-at-home parents? In July we took a lot of trips, and worked on relaxing! For my wife’s birthday, we took a four day weekend and went to Traverse City, and Mackinaw Island! Was …

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Passive Income Streams: July 2018 Report

Does anyone else feel like the summer is just flying by? If you aren’t intentional about what you are doing with your money, then I find that it goes by even quicker! Over the summer months, I’ve been continuing to focus on my two primary sources of income, which have been the blog and AirBnB. …

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Passive Income Streams: Nov 2016 Report

Almost to the end of 2016, and we are pushing hard to finish the year strong. It is amazing at how fast the year has flown by and my labor of passive income streams is producing a plentiful crop. These streams are going a long way to help us payoff our mortgage 17 years early …

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