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6 Ways We’re Looking to Cut Expenses in 2019

As we move into another year, I take a look back at how 2018 went and ways I can improve for the new one. Where did we spend too much? Where can we cut back? Do we really need this or that expense? And, can we do better overall? While a main focus of mine …

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5 Ways You Can Save More by Waiting Until the Last Minute

I’ve recently been reminded of a great way to save more money is by waiting til the last minute to purchase. I want to share with you different areas that you too can save more money but just holding your horses and delaying the purchase. Of course this doesn’t work in every situation, but if …

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7 Best Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill for 2013

As the heat of summer is slowly rolling in, and the drought of last year is still in our near term memory, I am reminded each month how much I spent on my water bills last year. Since moving into my house, last year I used more water per month than I ever had in …

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