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Airbnb vs Traditional Renting: How the Two Compare?

Over the last three months as I’ve delved into doing Airbnb, I’ve realized there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of it compared to traditional renting. What has been even odder is that the house I’m Airbnb’ing is sitting next to a house that has been vacant for four months while it awaits new …

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Helpful Senior Citizen Benefits (Written By a Senior)

The following is a guest post by my mother who is debt-free and lives very modestly in Small Town, USA. While she does not work for pay, she spends time blessing others by giving of herself and her time.  My son has invited me to write an article for this blog about senior citizen benefits. I share his …

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What Do I Do When My Unemployment Benefits Run Out?

CNN Money recently ran a feature of folks whose unemployment benefits expired – and shared their stories of how they were making ends meet without them. It was very humbling to read what they’ve had to do and how they are managing. Many of us have gone through a period of unemployment ourselves and know …

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