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Find all things car-related. Learn about how to make the best financial decisions when it comes to buying or leasing cars as well as thrifty maintenance and repair guidance.


Should You Admit Liability Straight After an Accident?

This article has been provided special to TTG You can be the most careful driver in the world but chances are at some point in your driving career you’ll be involved in an accident. No matter how much you keep your eyes on the road, human error and other drivers’ recklessness always pose a risk

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Does Being Male or Female Effect Auto Insurance Rates?

The following is provided content special to TTG Auto insurance companies do not charge everyone the same rates. When you apply for auto insurance, you will fill out an application, and the insurance agents will use this information to set your rates at a high, medium or low level. Whether or not you are very

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20 Tips to Keep Your Car’s Value High

Your car is the second largest investment in your life (coming in right after your home). Yes, it’s an investment, not a commodity. In order to maximize that investment, you need to make sure you keep its value high. While there’s nothing you can do about market depreciation (the process that starts as soon as

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Why Choose a Car Loan?

People that are saving money to purchase a car are usually faced with the question of whether they should purchase a car outright with the money that they have saved or if they should use that money as a down payment for a car loan for a more expensive car. While there are obvious benefits

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Why Do Gas Prices Keep Going Up (and What You Can Do to Save)

Here in the Midwest, we are experiencing a higher than normal spike in gas prices. The local news stations tell us it is due to several oil refineries closing down at the same time for maintenance. Yet, this is not unusual – and over the past several years – we have grown accustomed to rising

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What Financiers Look at on a Car Finance Application

For many people, applying for a car finance is a bit of a mystery. Most people just fill out the necessary paperwork and hope for the best without understanding what the financiers are actually looking for. In reality, the approval process for a car finance is not that complicated. Financiers base their decision on just

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Making the Most of Investment in an Auto

Let’s say that you had $25,000 spare for investment, and a broker told you of one that’s one of the most popular in North America. He adds that there’s a chance of almost 100 percent that you’ll lose at least half your investment, and possibly even more. The broker was talking about an auto. It

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Super America doubles gas coupons on Tuesdays

Yup – no longer are double coupon days reserved for grocery chains, as gas retailer Super America gets things interesting with a double couple offer every Tuesdays.  The great thing about this deal, is that you can even use a competitors coupon. Find one for .10 off a gallon and Super America will make that

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