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Articles related to home appliances. How to maintain, repair, or replace major items like furnaces, water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.


What You Need to Know About the High Efficiency Furnace Law

I first learned about the new federal fuel efficiency rating change when a family member’s landlord recently switched out their furnace – causing them to be out of heat for a time. They’d indicated it was due to a new law to bring old furnaces up to a higher efficiency and so I thought I’d

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How to Save Money on Refrigerator Water Filters

So, the green light on the Whirlpool refrigerator just turned orangeish the other day (on it’s way to full-blown red) and you know what that means? Time for a new water filter. Now, you might still own one of those old school refrigerators OR a newer one that doesn’t dispense water. But, if you do

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Why do I need home insurance?

Owning a house is a huge responsibility, and when you make that commitment, you commit all your hard-earned savings and future earnings to it. Once you’ve bought the bricks and mortar and filled your new property with all your worldly goods, buying a comprehensive house contents insurance policy is the only way you can really

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Cooling and heating tips

Cooling and heating your home is a major expense.  Significant savings can be achieved by actions requiring little or no investment, as well as some major investments.  Noted below are some links on ways to save, while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.  If interested, visit for an easy way to calculate the cost

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