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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Refinance (Advice From a Pro)

Several years ago my wife and I decided to refinance our home (and then a year later, our rental house). One of the main reasons for the refinance was to lower our monthly payment as well as take advantage of the lower interest rates. Another factor was that we didn’t have any short or long-term …

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What Debt Do I Pay Off First?

Today I would like to spend some time answering a reader. Nicole asks, “which debt should I pay off first?” This is a great question and one many of us struggle with as we start to dig ourselves out of debt and feel overwhelmed at the prospect. 

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8 tips for the unemployed

In 2001, just weeks before 9/11, I was let go from my job at a large design firm. It was a shocking experience and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Today there are many folks in the same predicament I was in. While unemployed, I did learn a few things that I want to pass …

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