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Six Benefits of Rolling Over Your 401k

This month I had on my list of monthly goals to rollover my 401k from an employer I left in 2011 to Vanguard. Last Friday I pulled the trigger after running into a number of hurdles that were preventing me from getting my 401k. These hurdles were: Spousal Consent Form – notarized letter with my …

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Should I Cash In My Pension?

About two months ago I got an unexpected “time sensitive” letter from my former employer notifying me that they were offering me an early buyout of my pension. You see I’d left my former employer after 11.5 years of employment and had accumulated a pretty good nest egg pension. In my mind I considered this …

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How to Navigate a 401k to IRA Rollover

Recently my wife and I have been contemplating rolling over a 401k from her ex-employer into an IRA. Ironically enough (at almost the same time) I learn about a neat 401k to IRA rollover center provided by FiPath, the first independent online resource that provides financial planning information and peer-to-peer collaboration for consumers. Basically, you’re …

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