Money Saving Reviews


Charlie participates in a 30-day trial of MagicJack Plus and gives it a C+.
Charlie reviews Ooma phone service as an alternative to more expensive phone plans. A year later, he detailed his experience using the service. In 2014, Charlie reviewed Ooma Business with Linx and the Safety Phone.
Republic Wireless
Charlie discusses his one-month trial of Republic Wireless and was pleasantly surprised at how it worked for him. Aaron later signed up as well for the service and pays $10 per month.
Ting Mobile
Matthew shares his experience using Ting Mobile after he and his wife used the service for a period of time. He offers pros/cons to the provider. He then checks back in after one-year.
Aaron takes a look at this newer MNVO that has entered the cell phone provider marketplace. Tello offers a build-it-yourself cell phone plan that is sure to please customers and has excellent customer service. Aaron's one-month trial of the service.
Aaron interviews a couple of TracFone customers to see how they like their service and if the provider is still a viable option for folks.
TTG reader Doug selected Twigby after a review of cell providers and shares his experience with the service so far.
Virgin Mobile
Charlie reviews Virgin Mobiles cell phone service and details his experience using Apple's iPhone. While he wasn't too thrilled with Virgin Mobile, he did like the iPhone.
Walmart Family Mobile
Charlie does a good review of Walmart's Family Mobile Plan (using TMobile). He used a Samsung S4 over the period of a month and details his experience and findings in the post.

Financial Services

Kevin offers an insightful review of Betterment - a "low-cost" investment and advisory management service.
cinch-smCinch Financial
Cinch offers a refreshingly unbiased recommendation service for those looking to get advice on phones, banking, credit cards, auto/home insurance and mortgage. They'll point out the best in each and present you with options that suit you.
Credit Karma
Aaron signs up for the free service and offers his thoughts and experiences using the credit report site.
Aaron shares his experience with LendingTree - where their slogan of "when banks compete, you win" takes on a very tangible meaning.
northpointe-reviewNorthpointe Bank
This online bank offers an unheard of 5% APY after you meet certain criteria. Northpointe has sponsored our 2 Checking Account System.
personal-capitalPersonal Capital
Kevin takes a look at this "all-in-one" free financial platform that assists users in getting a big picture view of their investments and offers personal financial advising services.
Vanguard Managed Payout Funds
Charlie takes a look at Vanguard's Managed Payout Funds in this post.
Working as an accountant, Dave has seen all sorts of products and services come along that has helped do his job better. He offers a quick review of Xero - an online accounting program.

Websites / Products / Services

Clover Websites
Aaron reviews Clover - a user-friendly web development service for folks with little or no background in the web and website creation. Aaron details his experience using the site to create a website for a church that had no experienced website developers on staff.
This website has many members who verify the coupons and has a lot of the latest codes and coupons available for use. Aaron uses it regularly.
duracell inverter 175Duracell 175W Power Inverter
After a tornado ravished his neighborhood leaving himself without power for an extended period, Charlie bought this inverter to hookup his house to a secondary power source.
Amazon Echo Dot
Aaron receives the personal voice-activated assistant for his birthday and offers his thoughts. Not all are very positive.
fpu-reviewFinancial Peace University
Charlie and his wife went through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and talk about how it impacted their finances.
Have a check engine light that keeps going on but you don't know what it is? If this is your car (it is mine), this device will help you get to the bottom of these error codes and give you some leverage when you approach your mechanic or DIY.
Garmin Forerunner Fitness Watch
Charlie gets one of these through his work and offers his take on this fitness "smart" watch. Does it help him run any faster?
Matthew shares his experience buying and selling on - a service that he found very useful when he was in the market for a new (used) phone.
Aaron takes a tour of - the popular website devoted to giving banking customers a "leg-up" on getting the best rates, etc. While the site proved helpful - Aaron details a little annoying side-effect of the service.
Matthew weighs the pros and cons of a medical cost-sharing healthcare plan for his family. He finally decides on Medi-Share and offers his experience after a few months.
Charlie reviews and proposes it as a great alternative to keeping track of your net worth.
Money. Purpose. Joy. Video
Aaron took this course offered by author Matt Bell on 7 truths of money matters that may revolutionize how you think about your finances.
Naturepedic Mattresses
This company started out as a result of the founder who couldn't find any non-toxic / chemical-free mattresses for his grandchild. Aaron reviews his recent purchase of this mattress and how it is suiting his wife and him.
Aaron offers his review of this coupon website created by Kyle James around 2000. The site has timely coupons and great customer service.
Aaron reviews the website, SaveUp. It's a unique site that encourages folks to save more money by rewarding them with the chance to win weekly prizes, drawings, virtual gifts - plus there is a $2million drawing every month (don't think anyone has won this yet though).
Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt
This deadbolt has been perfect for the Airbnb rental that Charlie and his friend are managing.
Savings Catcher
Laurie uses Savings Catcher for a month and shares how it worked and if it was even worth it. Aaron also has a look at the program.
You Need a Budget (YNAB)
Aaron offers his initial impressions of YNAB - a web application that helps make budgeting easier.

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