Expense Tracking Template

One of the best things you can do to get your finances back on track OR to see where all your money goes is to track your spending for a month. To help, we have created an “Expense Register” (3MB PDF) to track all your spending for an entire month.

Just log all your expenses each day in the booklet and also note whether the expense is a “need” in the box next to the item and what you paid.expense-register

At the end of the day, just add up your total expenses for that day.

When you come to the end of the month, add up all your expenses for each day. For comparison, add up all the items you marked as “needs”. This will help you narrow down what you need to bring in every month and to adjust accordingly.

If you'd like to print out the document (and to save paper), go to “Paper Scaling” in the print dialogue box and select “Multiple Pages Per Sheet” in the drop-down menu (You'll see this if you are in Acrobat Reader).


Have fun and happy tracking!

Download tracking register