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How Much is Impressing Others Costing You?

Have you ever sat down to think about how much your spending habits are dictated by a desire to impress others – or your goal to be perceived in a certain manner? Although I still fall prey to it –

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Save More Through Subscription-based Purchasing

I’d been looking at more unique ways to save money with online purchases lately when I stumbled upon an interesting concept that Amazon has been promoting: subscription-based purchases. Turns out, this is nothing really new and something that Amazon’s been

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Should Christians Prepare For Economic Collapse?

Lately, I’ve felt extremely compelled to write about Genesis 41, and the importance of preparedness. I don’t know why, but over the last month the Lord has been reminding me of the Lord’s provision to Pharaoh through Joseph’s interpretation of

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How Wanting is Often Better Than Having

“If we were to gain God’s perspective, even for a moment, and were to look at the way we go through life accumulating and hoarding and displaying our things, we would have the same feelings of horror and pity that

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Side Income Stream Idea: Vacation Rental Property

Charlie and I are big proponents of passive income or side income streams. In other words – creating alternative revenue sources to your current full-time gig. Over the coming months – we hope to provide you with some more side

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My Earliest Lesson About Giving From My Mother

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Acts 20:35 It’s amazing what memories stick with you from your childhood. Sometimes very (seemingly) insignificant things stay with you. It could be a smell, a taste or even a sound. Or – in the case of

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