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Early Retirement – It’s All in the Numbers

There’s so much press devoted to the idea of early retirement, but is it even really possible for the average person? The answer to that is almost certainly yes, but it’s all in the numbers. As in, you have to get the numbers right in order to have any hope of it working out. Saving

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It Pays to Be Prepared: 3 Tips to Plan for Your Retirement

Around 28 percent of those nearing retirement age claim to be unprepared for such a massive life change, with most citing inadequate financial planning as the main reason for being anxious about leaving the workforce. Many of us don’t feel ready for retirement, even when we’re well into our 60s and 70s, but even though

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How to Prepare Your Parents for Old Age

So much is written these days about people in their 40’s and 50’s caring for aging parents.  People in this age group often spend a couple of decades raising kids, then go straight to caring for their elderly parents.  Depending on how prepared your parent or parents are for getting older, caring for them can

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4 Things to Do Before 2014

A lot of time and energy is focused on the holidays at the end of the year. But it’s important to set aside some time for your finances as this is the last chance to make adjustments for 2013. As you get ready to ring in the New Year, here are a few financial matters

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Ways to Reduce Risk in 2014

Happy Monday and Merry Christmas to all of our readers! Unto us a Son has been born! Rejoice! What a great way to celebrate a little baby’s birth by honoring Him at Christmas time by spending quality time with family and friends. Gosh…we all have so much to be thankful for in 2013, so be

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5 Ways to Save Money Over Your Entire Career

Over the course of a normal persons 40 year career there can be a lot of choices that will have huge long term affects. However, very few of us realize that these small changes can have long term savings benefits. In my short career I’ve focused on a few of these areas to help compound

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Mortgage Loan: Paying Off Your Mortgage vs. Saving for Retirement

If you’re close to retirement, there are a lot of questions to ask and things to be sorted out. When thinking about the best way to financially prepare for retirement, there are some additional things to consider, such as paying off your mortgage early. If you’re considering paying down a mortgage as a way to

Read More Review – An Option to Tracking Your Net Worth

Earlier this year I restarted tracking my net worth with my normal boring excel document that I was using since graduating from college. In my old manual method of tracking I’d have to log onto each website, which included all my checking, savings, mortgage, credit cards, 401k, IRA, and money market accounts. Too collect all

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How to Start a Coin Collection

About seven years ago I started collecting rare coins after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s recommendation to buy silver. Without knowing where to start at, I decided to buy coins that I saw my dad collect while he was growing up. During my youth, my dad always had this old black vinyl box with red satin lining that

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