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5 Reasons for Having a Large Sum of Cash

Recently, while I was reading over J$’s monthly updates on his net worth I noticed a category for a large cash hoard, which he calls “Monster Cash.” As any typical man, my jealousy immediately spiked, and I said to myself,

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financial advisor

How to Pick a Financial Advisor

Recently, I’ve been looking at the pros and cons of working with a financial advisor. I have met with a couple of them here and there to get feedback and advice – but have never had a long-term relationship with

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Review of Vanguard’s Managed Payout Funds

Are you looking for an investment that will pay you out monthly for your investment? Recently, when I was looking into annuities I came upon Vanguard’s Managed Payout Fund’s. In looking I couldn’t find any annuities that would continue to

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Tax Tips for Withdrawing Retirement Funds Early

**This is a guest post from my (Charlie) mother-in-law, who has always given me great tips to lower my tax bill. Enjoy!** As a certified public accountant, one of my most frequently asked questions during the last year was “What

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How to Shop Around for Your Bank Account

Earlier this year I wrote about how to stop living paycheck to paycheck with passive income streams and the importance of having your family assets diversified in more than one bank. Well I happy to report back that I’m actively taking

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How to Buy a Single Share in Facebook

Next Tuesday Yesterday, one of the biggest phenomenons in the internet world offered themselves for sale in what could be one of the largest IPO offerings to date. Facebook sold 180 million shares for about $38 per single share. Are

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How to Prepare for Retirement

 A couple of days ago when I was running over my lunch hour I came upon a road sign that said, “Speed Limit 35”. Funny thing was it w as tracking me and not all the cars that were going

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Investment Property – Lifestyle Changes for Your Mortgage

I can’t tear my husband away from DIY Network and HGTV. Whether he’s engrossed in yet another episode of “Property Brothers” or tsk-tsking right along with contractor/miracle worker Mike Holmes, when he’s watching his home improvement shows, he belongs to

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