Bill Reducer Service

billMeet Bill. An amazing accountant by-day who saves his company millions of dollars every year through his diligent, cost-saving measures. Bill loves numbers and finding great deals. In his spare time, bill shops for scratch-n-dent merchandise and sells it online for profit. But, Bill has another side to him – a side that no one (not even his family) – know about him…

super-billBill turns into Super Bill. His mission? Saving money for thousands of people who are paying too much on their monthly bills. He scours the inter-webs looking to help folks pay less on their cable, phone, utility and other recurring expenses. We here at Three Thrifty Guys are pleased to have Super Bill on our side to help those looking to save more money.

Let us help negotiate your bills and save you money

With the help of Super Bill and his trusty sidekicks, Three Thrifty Guys are happy to announce our new “Bill Reducer Service“.

Here’s how we work with you to reduce your recurring expenses:

  1. You submit the bills you would like us to review to see if we can get them reduced. We go into research mode to see if there are offers you aren’t taking advantage of and then come back to you with recommendations.
  2. After our research, you provide us with authorization to negotiate your bills in your behalf.
  3. Once we get your bills reduced, we report back to you the results and you’ll see the reduction on your next bill!

That’s it!

How we get paid

While Super Bill is benevolent and works for free, his team does not. To pay them, we take 50% of any savings that we get for you when we help you reduce your bills. For example: We save you $50 on your cable bill, we get $25 (we will invoice you via PayPal).

Want to get started?

The process is easy. We have a simple form below that you can fill out to get the ball rolling. Once we hear from you, we will be in touch with you to get more details on your bills. Don’t worry, you can trust us with your account information as Super Bill watches over every person and screens his sidekicks.

We’d love to hear from you! Super Bill is ready to put on his cape.

Three Thrifty Guys no longer offers the Bill Reducer service. We recommend that you visit Billcuterz to lower your bills.

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