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three thrifty guysWe’re glad you stopped by. Our goal here is to help you keep a few more bucks in your pocket (or purses)! We do this by showing you ways to get-out-of-debt, save more money, stretch your dollar and live a thriftier life. From time to time, we also throw in an entertaining post or two to mix things up a bit.

And, to help you navigate the site easier, we have a few places we recommend you browse first that may benefit you. Obviously everyone arrives here with a different financial picture – so we hope there is something that will prove to be of value to you in your current situation.

What does thrifty mean to us?

Thrifty does not mean cheap. It means you are constantly optimizing and making life more efficient – not just through your personal finances but in every day life. Perhaps you choose to put up the garage door opener yourself instead of hiring out OR install your carpet. Thriftsters are always making the most of what they have without necessarily having to spend more money. Thriftsters want a life of financial freedom – where they owe man nothing.

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