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5 Tips for Saving Money As a Stay at Home Mom

If you are a family that is choosing to have your wife stay at home in order to care for your house and/or your children, often it feels like you may have made the wrong decision.  Shouldn’t “the lady of the house” be working and bringing in income as well?  After all, that’s what many

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Does Cub Foods Really Have Lower Prices?

The following post has been brought to you by Cub Foods When we lived in the city, Cub Foods was our “go to” grocery store. The local store there was clean and inviting, the staff was great and the produce was always excellent in quality. After we moved to the country nearly two years ago,

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How Often Does My Credit Score Change?

Ever wonder about the answer to this question?  I know I do.  I spent 15 working years in personal and mortgage banking, and among other things, I learned well during that time how important a credit score can be. 

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Walmart Savings Catcher Review: A 30-day Trial

In light of Aaron’s recent post on the Walmart Savings Catcher, I thought I’d do a little trial run. Those of you who know my blog know that I’m a huge fan of saving money, and I’m a bit of a cynic at heart. Just because someone says that they offer the lowest prices, I

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4 Reasons We Shop At Cub Foods

The following is sponsored by Cub Foods As our family of six keeps on the lookout for ways to slash our grocery budget, we find ourselves spending a fair amount of our grocery cash at Cub Foods. Cub Foods really has the corner market on providing money savings for families looking for good deals on quality

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Don’t Borrow Against Your Future Self

When Rick and I were young and first married, we had a bit of a “que’ sera, sera” attitude about our finances.  There was stuff we wanted, like a house, cars, clothes and vacations.  When we didn’t have the cash to pay for these things, we would simply borrow for them. Our attitude was, “After

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How the Little Things Really Do Add Up

Stefanie over at The Broke and Beautiful Life was fortunate enough to be featured in this WSJ article, where the author talked about the dangers of wasting your money away on little things.   Some of the commenters ridiculed Stefanie for insisting that grabbing a taco a few times a week could damage her budget, but

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10 Survival Tools You Should Have at Least Two of on Hand

I was feeling smug – a little too smug.  We were just over a year into our quest for self-sufficiency, and it was going well.  We were hang-drying our clothes, opening cans by hand and the like. We hadn’t used our electric mixer but once in the last 15 months – no sirree!  We would

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