6 things you can do now to cut your bills

Scissors cutting a bill in half

Here are a few down-and-dirty, quick and easy things you can do right now to cut down on some of your bills.

  • Bundle your services. Start with the phone, internet, and cable provider if you have them. Typically they offer bundling packages. It's probably cheaper if you bundle. Ask them if they are also running any specials. If they aren't, ask them if they'd be willing to drop your phone (or cable, internet) bill down by $10. It never hurts to ask and it has worked for me.
  • Unplug your electrics when not in use. Believe it or not, appliances, TVs, and lamps suck energy even if they are turned off, but plugged in. Try and unplugging them when not home and see if your energy bill drops.
  • Cell phone vs. landlines. Now I realize there are different schools of thought on this – but if you have a cell phone already, you probably don't need a landline anymore. Drop one or the other.
  • Carpool to work. My wife and I do this – and we are fortunate enough to work pretty close together. We probably save $75-100 in gas monthly because we do this.
  • Sign up for a free bill review service like Bill Cutterz. These services will scan all of your monthly payments and negotiate them down for you on your behalf. The services are generally free unless they find you savings.
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons! Don't forget those coupons when going grocery shopping. They're easy to find (especially with the internet) and will help put a dent in your food bill.
  • Pay those bills online. No need to be using stamps when most utility companies now offer online bill pay. You can even pay your bills through your bank.

What are some other practical ways you are trimming your bills?

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