Review of Xfinity Mobile 5G – August 2020

Xfinity Mobile 5G

Earlier this summer, Comcast launched new premium service 5G data plans for Xfinity Mobile. The Three Thrifty Guys spoke with Xfinity to get the story behind the new service, interviewed a current customer, and evaluated the new plans. Our Xfinity Mobile 5G review below has everything you need to know.

Xfinity Mobile 5G Review

Things We Love About the Xfinity Mobile Service

  • 5G operates at speeds up to 20x times faster than 4G.
  • Xfinity Mobile is ranked #1 by the American Customer Satisfaction Index in customer satisfaction among full-service wireless providers, not just the MVNO companies
  • Flexible plans available by the gigabyte or unlimited – and you can modify your plan through the month
  • No activation fees
  • Data plans come with access to more than 18M wifi hot spots available across the US
  • Xfinity Mobile runs on the reliability of Verizon's network
  • The service already has millions of users

This Sounds Too Good to Be True

  • There is a catch with these plans – The Xfinity Mobile plans are only available to Xfinity Internet customers
  • Verizon's 5G network currently offers service in 34 US cities
  • If you are an ultra-heavy consumer of data, Xfinity Mobile reduced cellular data speeds after you consume 20 GB of cellular data, however wifi usage does not count towards this threshold

Xfinity Mobile Plans - Choose From Two Options


$45 per line

By the Gigabyte (shared plans)

1 GB – $15 per month
3 GB – $30 per month
10 GB – $60 per month

Learn more here.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I use with the Xfinity data plan?

Xfinity Mobile supports all major phone brands, including iPhone, and popular Android devices made by Samsung, Google Pixel, Moto, and LG.

What if I want to get a new phone when I sign up for the service?

Xfinity Mobile also offers phones for purchase here.

Xfinity Mobile Customer Interview

Three Thrifty Guys interviewed Laura, a long-time subscriber of Xfinity Mobile. Here's what she had to say about why she signed up and has stuck with the service.

1. Where do you live? Chicago, IL

2. How long have you been an Xfinity Mobile customer? Since 2018

3. What type of plan are you enrolled in? Unlimited

4. How was the signup process? Easy! I went through the BYOD process and it took less than 30 minutes and they helped cancel my previous wireless service

5. Were you able to get the phone that you wanted? Yes – I started with my old phone and then upgraded easily

6. What service did you use before Xfinity Mobile? Verizon

7. What caused you to switch services? Price

8. How does Xfinity Mobile compare? It’s the same! Knowing they use the Verizon network I have not experienced a drop in service quality – just a significant drop in price.

9. What are your overall impressions of the service – voice, text, and data? Great! No issues.

10. Have you experienced any issues? If so, were you able to easily get in touch with customer service to resolve? I was unclear about the international data plan, but talked with customer service via chat on the app and understood my options.

11. What are your three favorite things about the service? Price, network quality, ease of connection to Xfinity Wifi Hotspots

Last Thoughts

As a premium service, Xfinity Mobile 5G is more expensive than basic MVNOs. But, if you're budget conscious, looking for reliability and have the need for speed, we think these plans are the best available.

Learn more at Xfinity Mobile here.

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