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Fred Frost was watching an episode of ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer in 2014 when he learned about a company that would eventually save him thousands of dollars a year.

The service – BillCutterz– negotiates lower bills on your behalf.

Since that pivotal moment five years ago, Frost estimates that he has saved at least $2,000 a year.

“BillCutterz intrigued my interest because my personal history showed that negotiating my bills with providers was not a regimented and organized structured event in my daily life,” Frost said.

He says he would try and lower his bills when it happened to come to his mind, but was deterred by the call wait times, hassle, haggle, and stress, and only thought to request “a better deal” from his providers – which resulted in minimal (if any) savings.

Lower my Monthly Bills

Who and what is BillCutterz?

BillCutterz was started in 2009 by Barry Gross. After meeting with a good friend to go over some of his bills, she discovered he was paying unnecessary PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) on his mortgage.  This monthly PMI charge was $181 per month.  She suggested he make a call to see if he could get the fee removed.

He quickly made a call to his bank and they removed the monthly fee – saving him over $59,000 on the life of the mortgage.

To repay his friend, Gross asked if there was anything he could do for her. She mentioned a nagging AT&T phone bill she hadn’t been able to get lowered. He took the challenge to lower the bill – and knew they both had about the same service, but Gross was paying 50% less. He called AT&T to see if they would match the same price for his friend as he was paying.  They agreed!

Intrigued by his ability to lower bills, his friend suggested Gross start a bill negotiation service. He did. And after 10 years of executing on this business idea, BillCutterz has negotiated tens of thousands of bills on behalf of individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

When someone signs up to have their bills reviewed by Gross' team of Savings Experts, they agree to a 50/50 split on successful savings negotiated by BillCutterz.  There is no fee if they are not successful in negotiating savings.  It's basically a free look to make you are paying the lowest possible rate on your monthly bills

So if BillCutterz saves you $100 per month for 12 months, you get $50 and they get $50 each month (via a monthly bill).  Alternatively, you can pay the fee in full as one lump-sum payment to receive a 10% discount.

Who should use BillCutterz?

For years, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of using a service to lower my bills. But I’ve always been turned off at the fees and the idea this is something I can do myself (and oddly enough, enjoy).

But after doing some research and hearing about Fred Frost and others who have used BillCutterz, my ideas about who can (or should) use this service have changed.

I now see this service as something of an advocate for consumers (and businesses).

“BillCutterz is an organized specially-trained group of professional negotiators who know how to save their customers money by thoroughly going through bills line by line to ensure they are getting the maximum savings with the providers’ representatives,” says Gross. “We also keep track of promotions and contact providers to renew the discounts achieved originally when they are about ready to expire. In all reality, a normal working person doesn’t have the time, knowledge, or expertise to effectively lower bills or stay abreast of continually changing promotions.”

The idea of a service like BillCutterz being on the constant look-out for savings – is something that could save people thousands of dollars. Even if they are paying a monthly fee for this, it could be well worth it.

“The process is simple. They always contact me (phone or email) to get my approval for any transaction or agreement with a provider,” said Frost. “I pay BIllCutterz 50% of the savings they have negotiated for me with a satisfying smile on my face. Why? Because saving 50% is far better than no savings at all and paying full price with blinders on.”

Right now, I have two bills that I know I can get reduced, but I have neglected to do so for months. Imagine if there was someone always monitoring these bills for the lower rates and who reached out when it was possible to save?

What’s stopped me from doing this myself is (probably) pride and a bit of apprehension to trust my bills to someone else.

BillCutterz makes it a point to mention they do not charge customers if they cannot find any savings. It pays for them to find any and all savings they can because if they don't, they don't get paid. They work for you – not the big corporations who may care less if you missed their latest promotion or knew you could save more by removing a monthly fee you no longer needed.

When Gross finally removed the PMI off his mortgage, he discovered he’d needlessly paid on it for nine months. He figured he’d be sent a check for the overpayment. The bank said no. Still, Gross was ecstatic about the monthly fee dismissal – but knew (without his diligence) he could have been paying this fee for the remainder of the mortgage.

This is something that BillCutterz can help alert its customers to. How much are we overpaying? I bet it could be surprising.

Asked whether Frost recommends the service to others, he said “BillCutterz has the consumers back pure and simple. The staff is superb, professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and above all, kind. I do not worry about privacy as in over five years there have been absolutely no breaches.”

When I asked about some other customer examples, Gross sent the following details of customers who have used BillCutterz’s services:

Customer: Glen (Easton, Connecticut)

    • Enrollment Date (Customer Since): 2/7/2016
    • Total Gross Savings:  $6,095
    • Total Net Savings to Customer:  $3,352
    • Average Net Savings to Customer Per Year: $874
    • Average Percentage Savings on Bills: 34.63%
    • Bills We Saved Money On:
        • Verizon Wireless
        • Optimum
        • Sirius XM
        • Frontier Communications
        • New York Times
        • Crystal Rock Water Delivery

Customer: Teresa (Las Vegas, Nevada)

    • Enrollment Date (Customer Since): 10/12/18
    • Total Gross Savings:  $1,774
    • Total Net Savings to Customer:  $976
    • Average Net Savings to Customer Per Year: $836
    • Average Percentage Savings on Bills: 33.13%
    • Bills We Saved Money On:
        • AT&T Wireless
        • Cox
        • DirecTV
        • Sirius XM

Customer: Cindi (Cypress, Texas)

    • Enrollment Date (Customer Since): 9/6/2015
    • Total Gross Savings:  $5,329
    • Total Net Savings to Customer:  $2,931
    • Average Net Savings to Customer Per Year: $690
    • Average Percentage Savings on Bills: 31.87%
    • Bills We Saved Money On:
        • AT&T Wireless
        • Comcast
        • DirecTV

What do you think? Is a bill negotiating service something you would use?

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