DoorDash Review – My Experience With This Food Delivery Service

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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to try-out food delivery service, DoorDash. I want to share my experience with you and am also interested to know about your thoughts on the service if you've given it a go.

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doordash reviewI've recently written about convenience – and how far I (we) go to pay for it. Today there is every service under the sun to make life easier. But it all comes with a price—or what I like to call—a “convenience fee”.

DoorDash is one of these services aiming to make like easier. Say you are a working couple with children and you've just come home from a long day at the office. You can easily order something up for the family from DoorDash and have it delivered within 30 minutes (or sooner).

Or, say you are homebound and out of food, and your family/friends are unable to help. A service like DoorDash can fill in the gap and come to the rescue.

But if you're a regular joe like me and feeling a bit lazy on a Sunday afternoon with a hankering for one of your favorite burgers, DoorDash is there to help.

There's nothing complicated about the service. They partner up with independent couriers and restaurants around your area to provide pick-up and delivery of restaurant / fast-food.

Sign-up at the site was easy. After providing them relevant information and my address, I started browsing the site for food.

When you sign-up, DoorDash offers free delivery (order must be over $10) at different establishments for 30-days.


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door dash page
The home screen at DoorDash when logged in

I opted to get a little cheeseburger + fries from a nearby Five Guys. I hadn't had them in a while and always enjoy their food (though, it can be greasy!).

I was impressed with the detailed order process at DoorDash. Like, “how much lettuce to do you want (regular, lite or heavy)”. Having only tried Foodsby in the past for food delivery – I found this level of interest, a bonus.

Check-out was a breeze.

After DoorDash confirmed payment and the delivery, a screen displayed the progress of my order. Soon, a “dasher” (what they call their delivery people) was assigned to the order with name and contact details. I also found this helpful.

Given a 34-minute window for delivery, I was surprised when the food arrived 10 minutes early. The dasher was friendly and the food was warm and to order.

Overall, I was pleased with the service and would use it again if I needed it. But, my wife and I still prefer to eat-in and rarely go out.

I can see DoorDash and other services like it being beneficial to:

  • people that are homebound
  • busy working single/working parents needing a break from cooking
  • office delivery for work meetings
  • surprise a sick friend!

Final thoughts

Many of us are so crunched for time these days (or are placing a higher value on it) – services like DoorDash are filling a need. I found the delivery fees and taxes more transparent than when I tried Instacart to deliver groceries. And, I think that's important. No one likes getting hit with hidden / extra fees after the fact.

Also, users can invite friends or family to use DoorDash, and they will get $20 for every person referred who places their first order over $10 (plus, the new user will receive $10 for their order).

Have you tried DoorDash or a service like it in your area? What are your thoughts about it and using a food delivery service?


Get 25% off your first order with DoorDash. Use coupon code DOORDASH25

This post was brought to you by our friends at DoorDash. All opinions expressed are our own. 





Customer Service





  • Quick delivery
  • Easy ordering
  • Free delivery on orders over $10 for 30 days
  • Good when time strapped


  • Convenience fees / tips

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  1. The driver was nice and that’s where the compliments end. The delivery took over an hour and a half. The food was cold and the order was wrong. By the time the food was delivered it was too late to order from anywhere else. I made a complaint online and they offered me 15 bucks which was not even a third of the cost of the order. I deleted the app and will not be using DoorDash again. They can keep their $15.

  2. so then, how much is the delivery fee after the first 30 days?
    not able to find that information out on their website.
    thank you – cool site you have here, 3TG!

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