Are You Following the Most Generous Man on Twitter?

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Bill Pulte is giving away millions on Twitter$100, $1,000, $10,000 and a Tesla are just some of the things Bill Pulte is giving away on Twitter.

The catch? You need to be following him and retweet his giveaway message.


The generosity has given rise to a new Twitter hashtag for Pulte’s direct philanthropy: #TwitterPhilanthropy.

Its purpose is to provide for those in need – be it food, rent, heat.

Sometimes Pulte is giving away money to someone who has student loan debt.

Then someone with medical needs. Or a vet in need.

But, other times, he just wants to encourage others to give to those in need:

One of his goals is to reach 1 million followers on Twitter and then give away $1 million (though he states he is already giving some of that away as he nears 250k followers as of August 5, 2019).

Who is Bill Pulte?

The last name may sound familiar to you. His grandfather, Bill Pulte, was the founder of Pulte Homes – one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of homes.

Pulte followed his grandfather into the real estate business but did so through building a company called Southern Air & Heat LLC into one of the leading residential heating and air conditioning platforms in the United States. Following his grandfather’s death in 2018, he was appointed to the Board of Directors at PulteGroup – the parent company of Pulte Homes.

The Senior Pulte was remembered for his “anonymous” charitable giving, devotion to his family and successful business – having built over 600,000 homes.

In 2006, the elder Pulte was listed as the 322nd wealthiest American with $1.2 billion to his name.

Bill Pulte (Jr) serves at the CEO of Pulte Capital Partners, which (according to their website): is “focused on investing in housing supply, building products, and related service companies.”

Why give?

I can’t speculate on someone’s motives – but when a person is as wealthy as Pulte, there’s got to be a lot of joy in having the money to give.

I mentioned his grandfather was also philanthropic, so my guess is he set the tone/example for his descendants to follow.

As many of us have seen – money can corrupt. And, when you have a lot of it – I sense that it is never “enough”. So to see someone in Pulte’s position give so generously and without reserve is refreshing.

I also think he wishes to set the tone for other people to give. We’re seeing that many of the wealthiest are on board with giving most / if not all of their money away – from Bill Gates to Warren Buffett.

This is something to be admired.

How can I get in on this?

Since I’ve personally been struck at how he’s affected so many lives in such a short period of time, we are wanting to promote his initiatives / Twitter account.

Especially to those who are in need.

If you’d like to partake or even reach out to Bill via Twitter, check out his account at

We’ve seen some who’ve tweeted Pulte and he’s responded to their requests for money. While the chances of being personally helped are going down (due to the growing popularity of his account) – it still is neat to see others impacted in this way.

It’s also inspiring to see how I (we?) might be more focused on giving than receiving.

As Bill says (and the Bible):

Have you seen what Bill is doing? What are your thoughts on giving so openly like this?

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  2. Nice article

    • Check out Pultes twitter and see how many people he’s scammed there are so many people that he’s pulling his scams on he tried to get my bank information

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