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way to save on flyingI'm not much of a plane person. In fact, if given a choice to travel via car or plane, I'm going to choose the car any day of the week.

Plus, you get to see more of the country! That, and I'm not one for flying in a tight cylinder 30,000 feet above the earth. My motto is, “if God wanted us to fly, He would have given us wings.”

That said, sometimes you just can't avoid it. And, I've been on the lookout for some deals for a family member's wedding I may attend this summer and another trip to Canada (though, I'd need to get a passport for that).

I've been hearing a lot about people finding exceptional deals online lately – and have been curious how they are discovering them.

In fact, a friend recently told me about someone he knew who flew from Minneapolis to Denver for $70 (round-trip)! That's amazing.

And, most of these deals are being found at Google Flights. You may have heard of it OR already been using it yourself – but there are some smashing deals out there and a super useful user-experience for folks.

More about Google Flights

Among their other initiatives on the internet, Google is always looking to be useful. With Google Flights, they are taking things to a whole new level.

Searching for flights is very simple in that you plug in your dates and immediately can see where your best deals can be had via their interactive calendar.

In the past, one of the issues I've seen in reserving a plane, rental, hotel, etc. has been the dates feature. If your dates are flexible and are looking to save some coin, it'd be nice to know when the best dates to fly out / back are – straight away.

Google Flights has removed this with their pricing right on the calendar!

google pricing feature
Google shows you the price of your flight when selecting a date

This is genius and puts the other reservation sites to shame where you have to keep trying to go back / forth, playing a guessing game, trying to find the best price/dates to fly on. I love this feature.

And after you've nailed down the price and dates, you are given even more options on the next screen. Say, you don't want a connecting flight or don't care much for Cheap Airlines Co. – you can change it.

They've also listed other flights you may be interested in taking – as well as a pricing bar to indicate what type of deal you are getting on the flight (are prices usually this good OR are they unusually high?) Again, genius!

flight options
Comparison of other flights and options to change

What are your thoughts?

Google is really onto something with their reservation system for flights. I hope they are working on something for rental cars too!

I'm interested in what your experience has been with Google Flights if you've had it and some of the savings you've gotten.

Enjoy your summer travels!

Try Google Flights

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  1. I always start with Google Flights. I have an upcoming trip to NC and during my planning, I found out that trips to DC were very inexpensive so I booked a cheap one-way ticket to DC to do some sightseeing and then a train to NC with a return flight from NC to OMA. Because of their fare calendar, I adjusted my vacation to take advantage of the best rates when flying. FYI – Trains on the east coast are super cheap. It only cost me about $50 for a train from DC to NC. That’s less expensive than a rental car. DC to Quantico, VA was $18. An Uber for the same trip was $50 – one-way.

    • Excellent travel tips here Dave. Always wanted to travel by train too – probably see things don’t normally see.

  2. I keep forgetting about Google Flights when I’m looking up travel info. Thanks for reminding me, and thanks for your great resources! You guys do a great job.

    • Thanks Barry!

  3. I have used Hopper for the same types of deals and found great ones there too. Hopper is really good at telling you when deals are the best (like to wait, or buy now).

    • Thanks for letting us know about them too, Brad. The notification feature would be useful.

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