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honey appOne of the more frustrating things I find while shopping online is when it comes time to checkout, I discover the store accepts coupon codes and I don’t have any. It almost feels like I’m throwing money away because I know there is a coupon code out there (somewhere) that I could use.

I then usually scour Google to find any codes that might be out there on different coupon sites. If that fails, I typically try some or all of the following (in no particular order):

  • See if the store has a newsletter I can sign-up for in hopes they send a “percentage off” coupon
  • Visit their social media accounts to see if they have posted any recent codes for use
  • Find out if the store has a chat feature – and then hit them up to see if they might offer a coupon code
  • Email them for a coupon code I might use

Often with nothing to show for my efforts, I end up back at the store 10-15 minutes later ready to checkout. Sometimes, the cart has emptied and I need to start the whole checkout process over again. 

I know, the life of a thrifty guy!

Apps that will search for you

Thanks to smart folks out there who are always helping to make life simpler for the lot of us – there are now apps out there that will help ease your burden of searching non-stop for coupon code treasures.

Coupons at Checkout

One of the apps I’ve been using for awhile in my Chrome browser is called Coupons at Checkout. This app is brought to you by the folks at Coupon Follow and will automatically start trying different coupon codes in the “promo code” box during your checkout at participating stores.

Coupons at Checkout claims to have codes for over 100,000 stores so it is likely to find something at one of the stores you are shopping.


The other coupon code finding app that I’m particularly excited to share with you is called Honey. I’ve more recently discovered this one and feel like I’m a little late to the party. Like Coupons at Checkout – this app can be installed in your Chrome browser in no time and does the searching for you before you checkout.

There are several features of the app that I really like. One is when visiting an online store, you can click on the Honey app in the browser and it will show you some of the coupons that are available at the site and if/when folks were successful in using them.

honey coupon app
Honey shows you coupons that are available at a store

Another pleasant surprise is if you visit the Honey site online, you can see top stores / coupons of the hour (under their Stores tab) and even a live feed of coupon codes that were successfully used. Slick!

honey app
Honey shows you live and popular coupons

Lastly, Honey will pay you for referring others to the app. When your contact signs up for the app and then makes their first qualifying purchase using the coupon codes from Honey, they will pay you $5 (up to $1,000). On top of that, Honey has a program they call HoneyGold which rewards users for using codes from select stores. For every 100 in gold points you earn, you will get $1 back.

While I just starting using Honey – in the future I hope it will pay dividends in savings and cash back!

Get the Honey app for your browser

Please let us know if you have used either OR if you have other methods for finding coupon codes online!

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  1. Andy says:

    I installed Honey a few months back and have been pleasantly surprised. 90% of the time, it saves me nothing; however the 10% of the time it does, it’s a nice added little bonus.

    • Aaron says:

      10% is worth it! I tried it out at Target for the review – knowing there were coupons available – and Honey didn’t find them (even though it had them in its cache). Could have been an issue with Target’s website though.

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